Assessment and Evaluation

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Corey Lane Partners conducts a complete, independent assessment of your customers' needs, evaluates the assets you have to meet those needs, and creates commercial solutions. By administering internal stakeholder, customer, and industry leader interviews, our partners determine market needs and opportunities.  The results are product-based event strategy overviews highlighting the opportunities in both the short- and long-term time horizons. Internally, we examine your brand's strengths, weaknesses, financial position, and opportunities for innovation. Externally, we catalog industry trends and and analyze existing competitors. Through this process, we deliver a thorough evaluation of company assets and recommendations
                                                                             for how best to deploy those assets to optimize brand building, profits and customer engagement.

Strategy and Planning

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Corey Lane Partners uncovers your company's unique value proposition and embeds it in the creation, execution and delivery of a sustainable, profitable event. We specialize in identifying priorities for the event's initial year, as well as years two and three to ensure ongoing commercial success beyond launch. We produce a plan for sustainable growth that will focus on compelling content that can evolve with issues and markets to ensure ongoing relevance.  In addition, each event format and experience is uniquely designed to drive home the event's mission and value proposition. After launch, we carefully reevaluate the event's strengths and weaknesses, alter the areas that need adjustment, and deliver an even stronger event in the following year.


Corey Lane Partners acts as an extension of your team, arming your employees with the skills and information needed to execute on the event vision and strategy. We're involved from the beginning, and we stay through the very end of every event to ensure that all processes run efficiently and effectively. We don't simply deliver the vision; we execute, and we follow through to ensure that every aspect of the event or conference is a success.