Corey Lane Partners, producer of the AI Applications in Biopharma Summit, is the strategic engine that can take your existing events or event ideas from good to great.  We combine our business-driven creativity, innovation and event expertise with your brand name, your industry knowledge, and partner with you to create sustainable long-lived, profitable events. We specialize in working with Research & Consulting Companies, Product & Service Providers, Associations, and Publications  that are interested in growing or creating events to drive revenue and engagement to enhance their core businesses.

You know you have a great event waiting to happen but you don't know where to begin

Valuing results above all else, Corey Lane Partners specializes in

  • Management of client events/user group meetings

  • Identifying/assessing acquisition targets & acquisition integration

  • Event launch planning and implementation for deeper client engagement and/or lead generation

  • Content strategy and program repositioning

  • Industry event participation strategy and optimization

  • Content commercialization and professionalizing your event offerings to match your brand

We'll help you stand out in a digitally overloaded world through live events, moving your community of customers from passive consumers to passionate fans. Together, we can take your events to the next level and exceed participants' increasingly demanding expectations of experience and value.