Strategy & Planning


Vision, Strategy and Planning

CLP will determine market needs and event value propositions which will become the core of the vision, strategy and planning process.  This will include identifying strategic priorities for event launch year, and years two and three to ensure ongoing commercial success.

Concept Development

Detailed event concept development will follow completion of value propositions and will be used as the blueprint guiding the event production process. A common goal for each event will be to leave participants feeling attending was time well spent and looking forward to next year.

Sustainable Growth

CLP will produce a plan for sustainable growth that will focus on compelling content that can evolve with issues and markets to ensure ongoing relevance.  In addition, each event format and experience will be uniquely designed to drive home the event's mission and value proposition.

Meeting Your Unique Needs

CLP expertise includes:

  • Client event strategy and delivery
  • Proprietary event launch
  • Growth plan for existing events
  • Content refresh and enhancement
  • Sales strategy & customer engagement