Assessment & Evaluation


Opportunity Assessment - Proprietary Events
CLP will conduct internal stakeholder, customer, and industry leader interviews to determine specific market needs and opportunities.  An output of this assessment will be product-based event strategy documents highlighting where the greatest opportunities are with a short, medium and long term financial outlook. 

      Internal Assessment

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Resources needed
  • Innovation opportunities

      External Assessment

  • Industry/market trends
  • Overall threats and opportunities
  • Macro trends that are driving the industry and opportunity

Evaluation and Recommendation
Evaluation of company assets and recommendations for how best to deploy those assets to optimize brand building, profits and customer engagement.


Opportunity Assessment - Industry Event Participation
CLP will provide an annual assessment, strategic plan, and investment recommendations for participation in industry events based on annual corporate priorities.  Once the annual plan is approved, CLP will provide an event-by-event plan including pre- and post-event activities to maximize ROI.  CLP will work closely with company staff on activation of benefits once event participation is confirmed.